The Carbon Neutrality Commitment

O⬝PARK 2 during the construction period

CSHK considers that, as the social trend evolves, the public’s expectation on corporate social responsibility is evolving from the traditional concept of making profits for investors to that an enterprise needs to take into account the social and environmental impact of its business. We hope to respond to the public’s expectations on CSHK by formulating sustainable management strategies, technological innovation and supporting environmental protection projects, and jointly respond to climate challenges.

As such, the Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Assets Development Committee of CSHK hereby undertake that:

Through Sustainable ManagementTechnological Innovation, and Supporting Voluntary Emission Reduction Projects, O⬝PARK2 will achieve carbon neutrality during the construction period, and disclose relevant research data and results annually:

Sustainable Management

Enhance the disclosure of carbon-related information
Actively participate in the design and construction of sustainable development projects; support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services, and adopt designs that improve energy performance.
Fully achieve digitalized, refined, and intelligent site management, improve the efficiency of natural resource use and reduce the generation of construction wastes
Strictly comply with green procurement policies to reduce environmental impacts of the supply chain
Actively implement the concept of green construction to minimize the environmental impact of the construction process

Technological Innovation

Adopt Building Information Modelling (BIM) 7D design, construction, operation and maintenance innovative technology platform for projects; promote BIM application until “BIM for All” is achieved.
Continuous research and develop Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technologies to reduce environmental impacts on construction sites
Introduce innovative low carbon materials to drive the low carbon transformation of the supply chain

Supporting Voluntary Emission Reduction Projects

Conduct annual carbon emissions quantification and purchase certified carbon credits for offsetting to support the development of Voluntary Emission Reduction projects
A third-party verification institution will be invited to conduct carbon emissions verification after the construction completion to ensure the purchased carbon credits are sufficient to offset carbon emissions during the construction period, helping achieve carbon neutrality of the project

Taking the pilot project of O⬝PARK2 as an opportunity, we will conduct in-depth research and conclude the replicability of its carbon reduction measures. By promoting the carbon reduction measures to other construction sites, steadily advance CSHK’s sustainable development strategies.